Dorset Tea Our Story

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In 1934 our founder Keith Spicer started blending teas in his Bournemouth kitchen. Equipped with an old butcher’s bike he set out to deliver his creations to businesses around Dorset.

75 years later in 2009 Dorset Tea™ was created to celebrate Keith’s work and Dorset’s natural beauty and sunshine which goes into every cup today; that’s why we call our black tea, our Sunshine Blend.

A Cup of Sunshine

Our tea blenders Jimmy Medhora and Tony Warr are experts in creating award winning teas and carefully select teas from Africa and India to keep Dorset Tea™ Sunshine Blend tasting as delicious today as it always has.

With 57 years combined tea blending expertise Jimmy and Tony work collaboratively with specially selected tea gardens, selecting only the best teas for use in our precious blend. They work hard to ensure that the Dorset Tea™ Sunshine Blend consistently delivers a smooth tea that is full of flavour. This is how we have retained our Great Taste Award since 2010.

Dorset Tea™ Sunshine Blend is available in packs of 40 & 80 square tea bags and 20 & 250 tea sachets (catering packs are also available so please contact us if you want to open a trade account). Decaffeinated Dorset Tea™ can also be bought in packs of 80 square tea bags.

Discover the Taste of Dorset

Our love of Dorset has inspired us to create a new range of fruit & herbal infusions and green teas which capture the all-round loveliness of our beautiful county.

From Strawberries & Cream tea to Cool Camomile, our new teas will bring you the taste of Dorset wherever you happen to be. 

Fruit Infusions

  • Strawberries & Cream – as deliciously indulgent and as tasty as a Dorset strawberry cream tea.
  • Blackberry Syllabub – juicy blackberry tea and indulgent cream flavours as deliciously decadent as this classic Dorset dessert
  • Foraged Fruits – this wild fruit tea incorporates juicy blackberry, sweet strawberry and soft raspberry flavours inspired by Dorset’s abundant hedgerows and natural fruit.

Herbal Infusions

  • Wild about Mint– peppermint, wild herbs and tingling nettles as invigorating as Dorset’s sea breezes.
  • Cool Camomile – camomile with lemongrass & raspberry infusion inspired by Dorset’s laid back approach.
  • Ginger with Sunshine Lemon - warming ginger and lemon infusion as glorious as a Dorset sunset.

Green Teas

  • Pure Green Tea – light and refreshing pure green tea inspired by the lush, green Dorset countryside
  • Green Tea with Sunshine Lemon – light and refreshing with a boost of zingy lemon. This lemon flavoured tea is bright and bold like a summer’s day in Dorset.

Each flavour comes in a pack of 20 tea sachets.

So Discover the Taste of Dorset and shop the range now!

Rainforest Alliance

For us Dorset folk there are two important things in life: a great cup of tea and our beautiful natural surroundings. We love the Dorset countryside but we also want to make sure that the rest of the world’s natural environment is well cared for.

We ensure 100% of the tea used in the Dorset Tea™ Sunshine Blend is from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. This means that the workers and farmers who carefully grow and select the leaves in our tea can also enjoy a good quality of life, while protecting their natural environment which in as important to us as it is to them. For more information about Rainforest Alliance please visit


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