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From foraging to fine dining Dorset is a foodie’s paradise. Explore Dorset’s menu with us.

Gluten Free Earl Grey Cupcakes

Gluten Free Earl Grey…

A wonderful recipe from our friends at Honeybuns, using our very own Earl Grey
Cool Camomile and Conker Gin Cocktail

Cool Camomile and Conker…

Conker Spirit is Dorset’s first gin distillery and they've shared a delicious recipe for a Cool Camomile gin cocktail with us.
Clem’s Catch of the Day

Clem’s Catch of the Day

Dorset Fisherman and friend of Dorset Tea Clem shares his favourite recipe for catch of the day!
Earl of Dorset Tea Bread

Earl of Dorset Tea Bread

Lisa Osman of All Hallows School for Cooks and Makers shares her recipe for Tea Bread using Dorset Tea Earl of Dorset.
5 ways with: Pure Green Tea

5 ways with: Pure Green…

Be inspired by recipes using all your favourite Dorset Tea blends in unique ways.
Dorset Apple Cake Dorset Tea Style

Dorset Apple Cake Dorset…

Dorset apple cake was officially voted Dorset’s national dish in 2006.
Seaweed from Dorset Shores

Seaweed from Dorset Shores

Discover the seaweed superfoods available from Dorset shores.
Easy Eggy Bread - Camping Food Recipe

Easy Eggy Bread - Camping…

Take your caddy camping this summer with Dorset Tea and our recipe for Easy Eggy Bread!
Seashore Foraging with Hedgerow Harvest

Seashore Foraging with…

James from Hedgerow Harvest tells Dorset Tea about the edible bounty available from our shoreline.
St Clement's Cake from English Provender

St Clement's Cake from…

Get creative in the kitchen with this delicious recipe for St Clement’s Cake from English Provender, made using their Luxury Ginger and Lemon curd.