Dorset Tea-Tail  

Strawberries & Cream Mocktail!

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Tea Syrup:

300g Caster Sugar

150ml Filtered Water

4 Dorset Tea Strawberries & Cream Tea Bags


On a Medium Heat continuously stir the sugar, water and tea bags together for around 10 minutes. Recommend tying the bags to the handle for ease. Once all the sugar is dissolved, remove from heat and allow to cool. Pour cooled mixture into a sterilized jar and keep in a cool dry place for up to one month.


Tea Ice Cubes:


1 Litre of Filtered Water


3 Dorset Tea Strawberries & Cream Tea Bags

Ice Cube Tray


Boil 1 Litre of filtered water and pour into a jug with 3 tea bags in and brew to desired strength. Recommend 5minutes and remove tea bags. Once cooled pour into the ice cube trays and allow to freeze overnight.


Build Drink:


6-8 Mint leaves

½ A lime Squeezed

2 tbsp of Tea Syrup (1 tbsp for less sweetness)

Tea Ice Cubes

Topped with Light Carbonated Mixer of your Choice, lemonade, Sprite, Tonic, Soda. Recommend Elderflower Tonic

Garnish with Mint Sprig, Straw and Dorset Tea Bag


In a tall glass, muddle the mint leaves, syrup and lime juice together lightly, fill with tea ice cubes and top up with desired carbonates mixer. Garnish with Mint, Straw and Dorset tea bag



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