The Big Dorset Cuppa

We're partnering with Weldmar Hospicecare for their Big Dorset Cuppa event to raise vital funds for their services throughout Dorset.

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10 years of Dorset Tea joins with 25 Years of Weldmar Hospicecare...

For those who have lived in Dorset for over 25 years, you may well remember witnessing the build of a brand new hospice in Dorchester, the first of its kind in the county. Now, a quarter of a century later, Weldmar Hospicecare marks 25 years of providing Hospicecare throughout Dorset.

We're joining forces for their Big Dorset Cuppa event starting on the 24th June. It's a great way to raise a bit of money for the charity, who doesn't love a cuppa and a slice of cake?

For more information and to get your fundraising pack please visit -

As sponsors we are happy to offer all hosts an exclusive discount on our tea, which they can use for the event. Visit the Tea Shop to order your supplies and use the code WELDMAR15 for 15% off - valid until 31.08.19

Happy Fundraising and Dorset Tea Drinking!


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