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This time we’re catching up with Hannah from The Dorset Finca.

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Dorset People is all about introducing you to the people who make Dorset special. Each has been hand-picked because they are #DorsetToATea.

Meet Hannah

I was born in Dorset and have lived here practically all of my life. Although I have spent lots of time travelling to incredible places, I have always been eager to return to my Dorset base, even if it means bringing some of the essences of my favourite worldly places back with me!  “

My heart always sings for colour, warmth and something slightly tropical. I am constantly inspired by the diversity of Dorset style. You can experience country chic in one area while a few minutes away there is Riviera elegance (complete with palm trees) by the coast. When I am creating new designs and ideas, I think carefully about people’s lifestyles, aspirations and what I see when I’m out and about.

If I could be any Dorset Tea I would be Green Tea with Sunshine Lemon.  I relate to anything with a little crazy zing of something tropical and sunny!

The Dorset Finca

My blog The Dorset Finca is where I document how I attempt to bring Spanish finca style to my home in rural Dorset. I have been so lucky to meet amazing people, try out new things and find some of the many hidden gems of the county.

While I was out experiencing some of Dorset’s best bits, I signed up to a crochet class – completely on a whim (I love a good whim)! I can’t knit to save my life, but I had seen some beautiful home interiors and fashion accessories that had been crocheted and I wanted to make some for home with the aim of then talking about it on the blog, so I went for it…

Well, one lesson in and that was that. I absolutely loved it. Alongside doing the homework that we were given each week, I was designing and trying out new stitches and techniques.  I adored working with different textures and mixing up some vibrant colour combinations. I made a few scarves and cowls (I’m a big scarf wearer) and people began to ask me to make some for them in a colour of their choice.  They liked the fact that they could wear a real splash of colour with their usual conservative or neutral colour scheme, that they were able to fold it up and keep it in their bag in case of a turn in the weather and that they could wear them wherever they liked, knowing that they could easily wash them after a dog walk or a day at the beach.

So, towards the end of last year, I opened an Etsy shop.  Currently I stock my handmade cowls and scarves and make bespoke items for people who ask for something more customized.

My Favourite Dorset Memory

As a child I spent most of my time with my little group of friends, cycling around the county on our mountain bikes. We would pack up our sandwiches and be gone all day. We were fearless when it came to distance or difficulty, nowhere was too far or off limits. I think people got quite used to seeing our small troupe cycling up hills and sitting by the side of the road having our lunch. If it was raining, we would just put on our waterproofs and carry on. It sounds a bit Famous Five, but it was brilliant and probably fuelled my love for the Dorset countryside.

Find out more

If people would like a little view into the world of The Dorset Finca, they are welcome to visit my blog at or come and see me at the shop


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  1. Well dine Hannah. You have do pen brilliantly with your crochet. I taught you well. Ali x

    Ali Campbell: May 04, 2016 at 09:38 PM
  1. Well dine Hannah. You have do pen brilliantly with your crochet. I taught you well. Ali x

    Ali Campbell: May 04, 2016 at 09:38 PM