Earl of Dorset Tea Bread

Lisa Osman of All Hallows School for Cooks and Makers shares her recipe for Tea Bread using Dorset Tea Earl of Dorset.

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"Our tea bread is infused with Bergamot which we pick from the potager at All Hallows Farmhouse and when in season we make cordial* from the wild elderflowers that grow along our paddock hedgerow and this is also delicious used in this recipe.  A dollop of homemade orange marmalade complements the orange blossom and peel that Dorset Tea carefully selects when creating the delicious Earl of Dorset blend,” explains Lisa Osman of All Hallows School for Cooks and Makers.

Earl of Dorset Tea Bread


  • Two bags of Earl of Dorset Tea brewed for four minutes in 225ml of freshly boiled water
  • 340g (12oz) Dried fruits – we use a selection of dates, apricots, prunes and vine fruits but suggest you choose your favourite combination
  • A freshly picked and washed sprig of Bergamot
  • Soak the dried fruit overnight in the Earl of Dorset Tea and fresh herbs
  • 900g (2lb) loaf tin greased and lined with baking parchment

The next day…when your fruit is plump and has ‘married’ with the Bergamot you will also need:

  • 225g (8oz) Self Raising Flour – sifted
  • 110g (4oz) Soft Brown Sugar
  • 2 medium free range eggs – whisked gently together
  • 1 large tablespoon of marmalade


Pre-heat your conventional oven to 180°C or Gas Mark 5.

Add the flour and soft brown sugar to a bowl with the eggs, marmalade and steeped fruit (removing the sprig of Bergamot which has done its job now!). 

Mix very well to ensure that everything is fully combined. 

Carefully fill your prepared loaf tin and bake the tea bread on the middle shelf of your conventional oven or in the baking oven of a four oven AGA (middle runner) or in the top of a two oven AGA with the cool shelf for protection.

The tea bread will take approximately an hour to bake but we suggest you check it after 40 minutes and if necessary cover with foil if cooking in a conventional oven or transfer to your simmering oven in the AGA.  The tea bread is fully cooked when it is golden brown and gives slightly to your touch.

Serve warm from the oven alongside your favourite butter and a pot of Dorset tea of course.

We make our own butter at All Hallows – please visit our website and we will show you how.

If you like, you can reduce the hot water by 100ml and replace this with *Elderflower Cordial when soaking your fruit.  We suggest that you also reduce the soft brown sugar by 25g too.  If you do not have Bergamot to hand, try infusing a little sprig of Rosemary with your tea.


Find out more about Lisa and All Hallows School for Cooks and Makers at http://www.allhallowsfarmhouse.co.uk/ 

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