Scent of the Sea

Bring the scents of the Dorset seaside to your home with these coastal scented candles.

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There's nothing quite like the smell of the sea, and with over 80 miles of coastline, Dorset has its fair share of refreshing sea breezes.

Here, we've picked our favourite seaside inspired candles to help you bring the scent of the sea back home with you.


Yankee Candle Beach Wood

With a burn time of approximately 150 hours, this candle is our number one choice for recreating memories of those barefoot walks along the Dorset beaches.

Burntime: up to 150 hours
Price: £14
Buy it: On the Yankee Candle website


John Lewis Coastal Breeze

Described as the ‘perfect antidote to grey winter days’.

Burntime: up to 20 hours
Price: £20
Buy it: On the John Lewis website


True Grace Seashore

This candle’s fresh fragrance is balanced with Geranium and Neroli, Cedar wood and Moss.

Burntime: up to 40 hours
Price: £16
Buy it: On the True Grace website


Maiden Shell Wave Candle

We couldn't bare to light this candle as it's just too pretty, and we love the real shells for a perfectly seaside look.

Burntime: up to 9 hours
Price: £25
Buy it: On the Maiden website


Laura Ashley Sea Salt Candle

Perfect for those those of you who like to cook up a storm in the kitchen, but want to keep lingering odors at bay.

Burntime: up to 25 hours
Price: £7.20
Buy it: On the Laura Ashley website

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