Nordic walking in Dorset

Nordic walking is the latest fitness trend to sweep over Dorset so we’ve met with Jo Sinclair of Nordic Allsorts to find out what it’s all about.

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“Nordic walking is a full body work out for people of all fitness levels and ages – hence why we are called Nordic Allsorts. We use the poles with straight arms to propel the body and increase stride and speed rather than for balance which is how hikers and walkers use them.

“It’s a great cardiovascular workout and can help manage weight. We’re not competitive; Nordic Allsorts exercise their jaws as much as the rest of their bodies!

“You don’t need a lot of fancy kit, just a good pair of walking boots (for winter) and walking trainers. A pair of waterproof’s are also essential, but you can hire poles.

“Some of my favourite walks are to St Catherines Hill and Wimborne, though the terrain isn’t great in winter.

When asked about getting started, Jo said “There is a 4 week course (4hrs, £30) which needs to be completed, and then you can walk with any group of Nordic walkers or alone with confidence.

Get involved

Nordic Allsorts meet for walks every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

If you’d like to find out more about Nordic Allsorts, visit them on facebook;




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