Six ways to use yellow in your home

Our new flavour Green Tea with Sunshine Lemon has inspired us to add a splash of yellow to our home. Luckily, Farrow and Ball have six smashing ways to do so!

Six ways to use yellow in your home image

1. Fabulous Florals

These tall stemmed blooms were fresh from Covent Garden flower market when they were shot against new Farrow & Ball colour Purbeck Stone. They really are fabulous, commanding so much attention within the room.

2. Incorporate yellow into your art

Whether it’s by painting the frame, or picking out a hint of yellow in a painting you already have, you can create a real sense of flow in a room by linking a colour used in art with the rug, cushions or furniture in the room.

3. Update your bedroom with yellow bed linen

Geometric patterns are everywhere at the moment. Try a yellow geometric bed linen to add on-trend colour to your master bedroom.

4. Paint a chair

Yellow is an amazing accent colour, particularly against a grey background. Yellow is inherently warming so works especially well against cool, blue-based greys with an urban edge.

5. Yearlong summer with a yellow rug

Striking yellow rugs will add summer colour to your room all year round, and who doesn’t want that!

6. Burst of back door colour

Your front door is on show 24/7, whereas your back door is just for family and friends. Have a little fun and add a block of colour to your outside space by painting the back door a bright colour!


Dorset Tea™ thanks Farrow and Ball for their inspirational advice used in this blog.

Read more from Farrow and Ball on their blog The Chromologist and, why not take the moment to try our brand new Green Tea with Sunshine Lemon.

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