My favourite coastal walk in Dorset

Dream Cottage’s Abi Perry takes us on a brisk and breezy ramble along the Dorset coast with her favourite coastal walking route.

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Ringstead Bay is my number one pick for a proper Dorset coastal walk. Even though I’ve been there hundreds of times, the view takes my breath away each time I get out of the car.

Start at the National Trust Car park on top of the hill overlooking Ringstead  and Weymouth Bay and from here follow the signs to St Albans Head and Lulworth.

The more east you walk the better the views get out towards The Purbecks. In the distance you’ll see The Old Coastguard Cottages- when I was little I used to think it was The Addams Family House! I just love the rugged simplicity of the Dorset coastline that you can see from this view point; in the summer I go up there and have fish and chips and watch the fireworks over Weymouth.

If you fancy a bit of an adventure, when you get to the Coastguard Cottages follow the small sign to The Smugglers Path. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has little ones or who is not keen on heights. The old narrow path takes you down the side of St Albans Head and onto the beach.

When you arrive on the beach you feel like you’ve arrived in another country.  The stones are so white and the water is so clear – this would be a good time to get a flask of Dorset Tea™ out!

I’ve found some amazing bits of driftwood and old fishing nets which I’ve taken home and tried to ‘upcycle’. One day I found the most amazing bottle.

If you keep walking back towards the main drag of Ringstead beach you will see a path up to the right which takes you back to the car park. It’s a nice walk back up, fairly steep but there is a stream and it feels a bit like a jungle.  At a guess I would say the whole walk is about 5 miles.

I would definitely recommend Ringstead Bay for a walk or a Dorset holiday. Even though I live close I would happily stay at Pitt Cottage; if you own dogs and fancy a break you’re in luck as this property welcomes up to four dogs! For more information visit the Dream Cottages website.

Dorset Tea™ thanks Abi for her contribution. To find out more about walks in Ringstead Bay or Dorset why not visit the National Trust website.




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