Lost in the woods

With the nights drawing in it can be harder to fine the time to be outside enjoying the beautiful Dorset countryside.

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Bring the outdoors in with this collection of woodland inspired home accessories. Each one is produced in Dorset by a local artist and is the perfect way to bring the sights and smells of the Dorset woodland into your home.

Twinkly lights and pine cones are an easy way to create a cosy atmosphere when the sky is already dark at 4pm. We like the idea of cuddling up with a hot cup of tea and this wreath from Hunter Gatherer. It’s perfect for Christmas too!

Indulge with some spice in your fireside with scented kindle cones. These handmade creations release the scent of cinnamon when lit, perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere on an October night.

Add a little flair to your correspondence with the Purbeck Fern stamp, the perfect addition to your postcards from the Dorset countryside.

Wooden hearts are always popular, but we think this one has the real flavour of Dorset’s countryside charm; a little bit wild, but that’s why we like it.

With wonderful items like this available, it’s easy to see how you can bring the outdoors in this autumn. 

All items featured are made locally in Dorset.



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